Reset Your Muscle Memory!

Relieve Back & Neck Pain From Poor Posture and Look Better!

Stop Slouching and Feel the Difference!
"I have back/neck pain due to my constant slouching over my phone and in front of computers at work. I tried doing countless exercises at home, but it's useless because I keep forgetting and I continue to slouch when at work or using my phone..

When I saw an ad for Upright Posture Corrector I was skeptical, but after trying it for almost two weeks I noticed significant changes in my posture and a decrease in back to neck pain. I actually have new muscle memory developing!!

It is easy to put the posture corrector on. There is velcro in the front which can be tightened or loosened to fit just right. It is washable, folds easily, and doesn't take up too much space in a bag when traveling.

Another perk, I know it sounds silly, but I'm actually noticing people check me out more, how strange that posture can so greatly affect how attractive you are! It really does work"

- Brian, Software Engineer
Maintain Good Posture Comfortably
Long hours working in front of computer screens pushes the head and neck forward causing extreme slouching over years.  Upright™ is designed to rebuild the muscle memory that makes it comfortable to be in the natural, confident posture.
Look More Confident!
It is said that body language is 80% of communication. And healthy correct posture communicates confidence. Studies show that men and women who have more better posture, get more job interviews! More studies also show that people with great posture get 3x more dates than people who slouch!

Why Do I Need This?

"I have had a herniated L3 for some time. I use pain creams and take advil daily. Since wearing this device I have managed to go with out these other supplements to manage my pain as the position of my shoulders seems to be pinching a nerve when not in proper form. It takes some getting use to but if you give it a chance and make your muscles work properly it will work for you. I found that I can't expect the brace to do all the work. It's there as a reminder to hold myself properly. Treat this as a tool until you can carry yourself properly. I take it off after about 6 hours. I go to the gym without it and I don't generally wear it at home doing chores. I wear it consistently when I go to work or I am driving. That's when it really counts for me."

Jeff Houston, Web Designer in Dallas
2 Mar 2020, 12:21

"Upright™ Posture Corrector and has really helped the back and neck pain I had. In fact, I don't want to take it off it feels so good and frees me to go about my business without the pain. I think there was much careful thought, research, and planning (even in the small details) that went into designing and making these braces. The fabric and other materials are good quality, and,unlike other posture correctors I had seen, are simple and easy to put on.
I am tremendously impressed and satisfied with this posture corrector and recommend it to others."

- Bradley, Car Mechanic in Miami
15 Jan 2020, 14:42
The posture corrector helped me maintain the right posture without having to constantly remind myself of it.  After three days I've already noticed my posture without the Corrector on has improved. The straps have become more comfortable because my posture is improving lessening the pressure of the straps. My own muscles are developing the memory and strength to keep my shoulders back. 

- Sabrina, Yoga Teacher in Santa Monica
11 Feb 2020, 12:21
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Made of high-tech stretchy neoprene material, Upright™ is designed to fit all sizes. Wear it comfortably at work, the gym, and even under your clothes to reset your muscle memory for a healthier, well balanced body!

Sizing Instructions:

Small: For kids or small adults 90 lbs - 140 lbs (40 kg - 64 kg)
Medium: For adults up to 150 lbs - 180 lbs (68 - 82 kg) .
Large: For adults between to 181-225 lbs (83 kg - 102 kg).
XL (Extra Large): For adults between to 226-265 lbs (103 kg - 120 kg)

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